Mold! Moldy Moldy Moldy!

Mold! My apartment had mold!

When I first heard about it (via an email to all the residents of my building) all I could think in my head was “Mold…moldy moldy moldy” a la Austin Powers.

Once I stopped singing the realization hit me that I may have been breathing in mold for weeks! So what do you do when you think you’re sick? If you’re anything like me you run straight to WebMD and scare yourself into thinking you have every disease in the book. I was CONVINCED I was about to begin throwing up and bleeding from my nose at any second.

Of course the situation was not that severe and my building did an excellent job at getting it cleaned up quickly by hiring a great company to handle the cleanup. That’s why I’m writing this blog today (fortunately it’s not to say my last goodbyes), to highlight Up-Rite Plus. They came into our building and quickly identified and eliminated the mold. Being a bit too friendly to be considered a “real” New Yorker I spoke to some of the employees while they were working and they were very knowledgable. I felt very secure that my mold issue would be a thing of the past once they were finished.


Typically Up-Rite Plus work their jobs on Long Island in Nassau and Suffolk county, but they extended their work area a bit for my building and I’m grateful they did. The mold removal process was painless and it’s not returned since they finished up the project. If you need help with mold removal, fire remediation, flood remediation, or anything else Up-Rite Plus handles I’d strongly recommend them.

Here’s a more in-depth overview of their mold removal services for anyone interested:

Now that I’ve given them the respect I feel they deserve I can go back to singing my mold song.¬†Moldy moldy moldy…