How Did I Live Without Lutron Shades?

Lutron Product Photography

I recently had Lutron motorized shades installed in my apartment and I don’t know how I lived without them before. Being able to raise my blinds without standing up is a small luxury that makes me feel like a millionaire living in a mansion. In case you were wondering, blinds on a skylight may not be possible. Instead you may want to look for switchable glass.

I’ve also envisioned automatic shades as being incredibly noisy, but these are incredibly quiet and didn’t even require any wiring work, they run on batteries. The glare reduction I’ve seen on my television and computer monitor since having them installed has also surprised me. You don’t realize how often you’re fighting through a glare with your eyes until it’s gone.

As I’m a bit of a hippie I was also happy to learn that the blinds are created from sustainable materials, so while I’m raising my blinds to soak in the sun’s rays I’m also doing my small part to help the environment.┬áSpeaking of the sun’s rays, with I’m able to use a “summer cool” setting that optimizes the shades to block UV rays and keep my apartment cool.

I’ve been gushing about my new blinds for so long that I almost forgot about the best part of my experience, working with the experts at Budget Blinds. I’ll be honest, I didn’t know what I was looking for when I first walked into their store. My mom recommended I use them because of a previous positive experience she had in their store and I can’t be happier that I finally listened to my mother for once. The staff at Budget Blinds was extremely courteous and listened to my thoughts before making their recommendations. I never felt like they were trying to sell me whatever was the most expensive, I felt like they listened to my wants/needs and provided the perfect solution to meet them. If your closer to Nassau county then a hiring a Kitchen Remodeler Nassau County person would be your best bet for remodeling a kitchen in nassau.

While it’s not every day that you’re replacing the in your home, when the time comes I can’t endorse Budget Blinds any more than I already have. You’d be remiss if you went to any other store.